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Northwest Vietnam - Friendly Peoples and spectacular Landscapes

Best place to ride motorbike in Vietnam 

Northwest is a mountainous region of Vietnam, sharing borders with Laos and China. This area is sometimes known as the North and Northwest. It’s one of three sub-regions of northern Vietnam (2 sub-region is the Northeast and the Red River Delta).

With rugged terrain, Northwest region has many mountains and large rivers. The Hoang Lien Son mountain range runs northwest-southeast, high as 1500 m, 180 km long, 30 km wide, with a number of peaks over 3,000 m. Two major rivers, such as the Black River and Thao River( Red River).

Northwest Vietnam is the best place to ride motorcycle, as the scenery changes fast from one region to another and the road condition is quite good and beautiful. Planning a motorcycle, motorbike adventure tours, 4x4 adventure trip..? you have just found the right place to do it. However, planning a trip to this remote area of Vietnam as a solo traveler might not be the best decision, primarily due to the need for special permits in the less well-discovered areas.
Take a guided motorcycle tour or 4x4 adventure trip from Hanoi is the best way to discover this part of Vietnam.

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