Vietnamontrails customize all kind of motorcycle tours from North to South of Vietnam, Motorbike trips in North Vietnam, Motorcycle tours to Ha Giang.
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Vietnam Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Tours Vietnam

Before 1989, Vietnam was inaccessible to foreign travelers and all what most people heard about is a country of war. The first foreign tourists have come some years later and Vietnam has been talked about more and more. Many of them came in Vietnam for short excursions, business trips and classic journeys, and motorbike tours were only requested by few adventurous travelers.

Vietnam may not be the top destination for all adventurous motor bikers. Therefore Vietnam has a diverse geographical conditions, long history, rich culture and warm-hearted people, offering a wide range of soft adventure travel packages including short motorcycling tours, road motorbike tours, mountain motorcycling holiday.

VIETNAM ON TRAILS CO.,LTD is a Destinations Management Company offering all kinds of motorcycle tours, 4WD, 4X4 tours, motorcycle rental, in all over Indochina including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Having dozen years of experience in organizing adventure motorcycle tours trips, all of Vietnamontrails team has been well trained. All of our tour guides are born and grew up here in Vietnam, they come from different regions of Vietnam. They all know well their home land as they are local and they got a large knowledge of our tours insuring that you will have a local life experience!

VIETNAM ON TRAILS always seek to understand our customers’ needs, and provide them with timely, accurate, quality service. All of guest requests are handled and replied within a working day. All initiatives we undertake, travel products we develop are aligned with increasing value to our customers.

With bulk purchasing and our expertise in the travel industry, we can get very competitive pricing from the local service suppliers in the region. With our experience in the tourist industry, we can maintain a very economic overhead cost. Our team strongly believes that we can offer you the greatest value for your money service. We are committed to long-term travel services in Vietnam as well as in the region.

Why travel with VIETNAM ON TRAILS

If you search on the internet for travel companies providing motorcycle adventure tours to Vietnam, you will find that there are a dime a dozen. So what makes us stand out from the rest?

We are different from other tour operators and travel agents. Booking your tailor-made trip with Vietnamontrails guarantees a journey that has been thoroughly planned by a local travel expert with in-depth knowledge of the region, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service. All our clients travel at their own pace rather than being made to fit in with a group schedule, and local travel arrangements are made using private tour guides or driver wherever possible.

We have developed strong relationships with local suppliers in our destinations enabling us to offer you competitive accommodation rates and travel packages at low price. We guarantee to offer you the competitive rates at the premium service quality level in the market. Our prices are neither "cheap" nor expensive. We are not competing by dumping price in line with lowering the service quality. We guarantee your "Value for money" experience to Vietnam.

Our tour guides:

Vietnamontrails has a team of guides who have had many years guiding on motorcycles. These guys are highly appreciated by most of travellers to Vietnam.

Here are their real backgrounds.

Nguyen Ngoc (Team leader, Founder of Vietnamontrails)

About us (1)

I’m Nguyen Ngoc, born in 1974. I speak English, French and I've been guiding for over ten years. Travellers called me by a funny name "Knock". 
Turning back the time, I was born in a poor countryside which is 100km far from Hanoi to the South. I started my university life in Hanoi - Vietnam’s Capital when I’m nineteen years old. Five years studying here, I had learnt French, English and basic theories of tourism. In my mind, I always dreamt of becoming a tourist guide and this dream had been alongside with me in five years of university. The time passed by, at the age of twenty three, I graduated and started the first days in my career. I felt lucky when I was chosen to work in a small tour company where I met the first foreign tourists in my life. They were from different countries, from USA, France, Australia, New Zealand, etc… Everyone had his own way of exploring my country. One chose bus tour while others were keen on bicycles and trekking. Each kind of tour had brought to the tourists with interesting experiences, but the tourists impressed me most was the one who chose motorcycle as means of transport. They always had a style of freedom and trended to go those places where nobody ever went. In my mind, they were brave men who loved to share their "motor passion” with anyone they met. And I was absolutely captivated with this passion. In 2006 with a good friend, we have founded Vietnamontrails, our target is that making Vietnamontrails become a motorcycle trips advisor for the bikers from all over the world when they come to ride in Vietnam. 


Manh Hung (Motorcycle Tour Guide)

About us (2)

Hi, my name is Hung. I love to ride motorcycle. I have been guiding for over ten years long. I have been in almost areas in Indochina including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

I am riding now a Honda CB 600 and a small CB 250cc. I ride about more than 20,000 kilometers a year. I love to take people to visit my country and sharing my riding passion with other riders.
See you guys one day out here.

Nguyen Manh Tuyen (Motorcycle Tour Guide)

About us (3)

My name is Manh and have a 5 year old Honda Motocross 250cc and a sport bike GSXR 750cc. I love to ride with people. The adventure riding is in my blood. Not much yet the riding experience, but I think that once joined my ride, you guys will have fun.

Forever motorcycle,
Nguyen Manh Tuyen

Join us, you never ride alone!

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